INTRODUCING— A new, advanced, titanium turning grade! G-9610 delivers higher productivity and tool life while maintaining a superior surface finish.

G-9610 is a PVD-coated carbide grade designed for turning titanium-based alloys. The high-tech, wear-resistant, chemically-stable, and very smooth and lubricious coating protects the heat-resistant, sub-micron substrate and allows for higher speeds and extended tool life in continuous cuts.

Key Attributes

  • Highly resistant to built-up edge (BUE), chemical wear, abrasive wear, and loss of hardness at high temperatures
  • Best applied at higher speeds and moderate feed rates
  • Retains a sharp edge longer, relieving cutting forces and excessive heat

Available now in a variety of insert geometries and chipforms!

G-9610 inserts inside of Tool Holders G-9610 inserts outside of Tool Holders

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