Tooling Solutions

Greenleaf’s products are engineered to provide optimal performance against a wide range of materials under the most rigorous metal-cutting conditions. In addition to specially engineered tool-holding systems and a comprehensive line of carbide inserts, Greenleaf offers high-quality ceramic and ceramic composite materials, which can be custom designed for specific machining applications.

Our complete metric and imperial catalogs are available for online viewing and downloading for offline use.

Greenleaf Milling Cutter


Whether it is heavy stock removal in forged steel or high-performance profile milling in hardened materials, there is a Greenleaf milling cutter to take your productivity to new levels. Manufactured from alloy steel, heat-treated for strength, Greenleaf milling cutters deliver outstanding performance and durability in the most demanding applications.

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Greenleaf GEM-7 insert in turning application

Turning & Boring

Greenleaf's industry-standard turning and boring tools are precision machined and qualified to current ANSI/ISO specifications. Greenleaf offers standard turning and boring tools that feature tool geometries specially engineered to provide maximum productivity and tool life when using Greenleaf's advanced ceramic insert grades.

Imperial Turning & Boring Metric Turning & Boring
Greenleaf insert used in heavy turning application

Heavy Turning

Greenleaf's unsurpassed heavy turning expertise results from decades of design and build for major roll lathe manufacturers and roll turning shops around the world. Our custom-designed toolholders, in combination with Greenleaf's advanced ceramic inserts and high-performance carbide inserts, can help you get the most out of your heavy turning operations.

Imperial Heavy Turning Metric Heavy Turning *GEM-8 Flyer
*GEM-8 has replaced GEM-7
Greenleaf insert used in grooving application

Grooving, Profiling, Cut-Off

Greenleaf's toolholding system for grooving, profiling and cut-off applications is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. The system features a field-proven and trusted 'V' bottom pocket design for superior insert stability for precision cutting and unsurpassed support for maximum productivity.

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Greenleaf Ring Max™ in action

Ring Groove Machining

Greenleaf's line of ring groove tooling is engineered to cut machining time of API ring grooves. Combined with our WG-300® whisker-reinforced ceramic inserts, Ring Max tools can reduce cutting time from 30 minutes or more to less than 1 minute.

Imperial Ring Groove Metric Ring Groove
Greenleaf Holemill™ in indexable drilling application

Indexable Drilling

Indexable drill utilizing Greenleaf’s advanced coated carbide grades for higher speeds, quieter cutting, longer tool life and reduced horsepower consumption. Inserts are positive squares (SPMT) for 4 indexes per insert. 1” to 3” diameter range.

Imperial Indexable Drilling Metric Indexable Drilling
Brookfield Tube Scarfing action shot

Tube Scarfing

Greenleaf's modern tube scarfing system using indexable inserts offers greatly increased productivity potential from decreased downtime, longer tool life, faster tool change time, decreased tool costs and elimination of regrinding problems. In addition, a superior seam can be expected since an accurate radius form is always available on each side of the insert.

Imperial Tube Scarfing Metric Tube Scarfing
Greenleaf Special Engineering

Special Engineering

Customers from around the world utilize Greenleaf engineering services to address their specific, and often complex, requirements. Ask us to determine if we can assist you in your cutting tool special requirements. Greenleaf also offers high-quality ceramic and ceramic-composite materials which can be custom designed for specific machining applications.

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Greenleaf Application and Technical Reference

Application and Technical Information (ATI)

Greenleaf's application and technical information is an essential reference to optimally using your Greenleaf tooling and inserts. Topics include:

  • Carbide and ceramic grade descriptions
  • Feed and speed data
  • Edge preparation guide
  • Turning and facing formulas
  • Ceramic Productivity Manual
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