XSYTIN®-360 Ceramic End Mills

FINALLY—A solid ceramic end mill that outperforms carbide! Ideally suited for machining materials in the aerospace, automotive, die & mold, and power generation industries, XSYTIN®-360 inch and metric end mills are available now.

XSYTIN®-360 ceramic end mills combine Greenleaf’s phase-toughened XSYTIN®-1 substrate with a unique cutting geometry that offers ten times higher productivity and tremendous cost savings. The strength of the material allows the user to apply chip loads similar to solid carbide end mills with higher speeds common to ceramic machining. These new ceramic end mills provide customers with significant increases in productivity over current solid carbide or ceramic products.

XSYTIN-360 Single End Mill


  • Capable of slotting, pocketing with ramping, and profiling applications maintaining heavy chip loads
  • A very broad application range means numerous machining centers are capable of running these end mills
  • Extremely versatile end mills with twice the feed rate capability and a much broader speed range!


Proven performance in machining a variety of different materials:

  • High-temperature alloys
  • Hardened steels
  • Ductile cast irons
  • Compacted graphite iron (CGI)
  • 3D-printed sintered high-temperature alloys
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